Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wow. Is this Really who we Are?

A friend emailed me yesterday's Democracy Now. I'd heard rumblings about the Gloria Steinem/Melissa Harris-Lacewell head-to-head, but I didn't listen until I got the email from him.

It made me sad. I've never been a huge Steinem fan, but I always thought she had some merit. Maybe second-wave feminists become irrelevant if they stay back there in the second-wave. But Steinem isn't even in the past, she's in some bizarro world. Black women always had a hard time relating to the feminist movement. True, they were discriminated against in civil rights groups, but at least they felt like the group was speaking for them. This is a problem that I hope is getting better.

I think she came off sounding like an idiot. It reminded me of that white woman on Black.White. She's just so wishy washy. Her opinions mean nothing because they change so fast. Harris-Lacewell reminded me of the black woman on the show. She was quick to say how offended she was, rather than just argue her point. Harris-Lacewell, at least, sounded like she had convictions. Steinem sounded worthless and irrelevant. Just my opinion.

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