Monday, January 21, 2008

Now Oprah's a Traitor

The Times Online reports that Oprah is in some hot water with some of her female fans.

On her website, and interesting little discussion thread popped up: OPRAH IS A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!. Yes, the topic title has NINE exclamation points.

Why is she a traitor? Because she's backing a political candidate she supports instead of a woman. "Choosing her race over her gender."

She's been absent at the last bunch of rallies, but she's also trying to negotiate her new network, OWN with Discovery.

If she is stepping back because of the backlash, I understand why. Her fans are important to her success. But Oprah, if you're reading this, get back in there and support the person you believe will make the best president. And I know you read this, O.
The whole celebrity endorsement issue is another story. Oprah is pretty influential and her support of Obama did something. If she stays out of the limelight on his campaign trail, it could hurt him.

Bottom line, this is ridiculous.

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