Sunday, January 20, 2008

Big UK Breasts

An Australian report details a British study that shows British women breaking their backs everywhere.

According to the article, the study shows average bra size has grown from a 34B to a 36C in less than ten years.

In less than ten years the average bra size has grown from a 34B to 36C.

Marks & Spencer say a quarter of all its bras sold are a D cup or above - a figure which has doubled in three years.

And, in response to customer demand, its range, which used to end with a G cup, now goes up to a J. Lingerie company Bravissimo has even introduced three different K cup bras.

K???? Jesus Christ!Several reasons are given in the article, obesity, estrogen taken during menopause, and fake estrogen, which we get through necessities like lipstick (and tampons and spermicide, but those fall more into the realm of real necessities), and alcohol.

It's not all bad news though, another possibility the article mentions is that women are exercising more. Bigger pectorals=bigger boobs.

But the increase could lead to a greater risk of breast cancer. That good news went by pretty quickly, huh?

I'm not sure how big a deal this is. I mean, what the hell are we supposed to do about it? Just another scare tactic to keep women in their place. "Quick! Make your breasts smaller, or we'll all get breast cancer! Go! Now!"

At least most guys will be happy.

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