Monday, January 07, 2008

The United Women's Front

No, it's not a union for the porn industry. It's the first political party made up (almost) entirely of women for women. There are a few issues - the women need men to help them, fund them, etc., but men are not allowed on the national scale.

Via Women's eNews:

"We are not against men," [Suman Krishan] Kant [president of the party] says. "We need men to work with us and we need their support."

However, she draws certain lines.

"Men will not be part of the national committee," says Kant firmly. "Men will be members of state chapters only; but we will have only women at the national level."

The party hopes to correct some of the inequality throughout the country:
India is often called a land of contradictions and that pertains to the status of women here. The national constitution guaranteed women's legal equality in 1950. India also elected Indira Ghandi in 1966, making her the world's second female prime minister after Sri Lanka's Sirimavo Bandarnaike, who took office in 1960.

This past July Pratibha Patil was elected the country's first female president, a mostly ceremonial position that nonetheless leaves India with a female head of state.

Women hold top cabinets posts and at least three states have female chief ministers. Village councils reserve 33 percent of their seats for women.

On the other hand, millions of women live in poverty, illiteracy, malnourishment and ill-health. In November, the World Economic Forum's latest gender gap index put India among the world's 10 most gender-biased economies, with women's participation in the paid work force at 36 percent.

Hey, hopefully they'll do some good.

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