Sunday, January 13, 2008

Call to Action: Misguided?

I hate Chris Matthews as much as the next person with any intelligence does. But this call to action from Media Matters is a little much.

They want you to tell MSNBC you're sick of him.

Okay, I'm sick of him. But I'm also sick of every other jackass sexist pig out there (cough: Howard Stern, and most people in the White House). He's got the freedom to speak and it's his schtick to be a fucking asshole.

I don't know, but I usually don't like to ask people to shut other people up just because I don't like what they're saying. I wouldn't want anyone to censor me. I'm free to blog all I want about what a deusch he is.

That being said, MSNBC, maybe you should just have a polite conversation with your asshole "pundit." Break it to him gently: women are actually people too! They actually have brains! Even Hillary Clinton!

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Andy Swan said...

Exactly right. That would have a reverse effect....they'd see him as "controversial". Just let no one keep watching....and let people vote with their feet.