Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Feminist Election Surivival Tips: The Privileged Political Pundit Drinking Game

This deserves a full quote. From Feministing.

Watching campaign coverage can be trying. Especially when the talking heads seem hell-bent on relying on racist and sexist sound-bites in lieu of substantive commentary. So to get your though the hard times, we proudly present ....


  • Drink anytime someone refers to Clinton's teary moment in NH as "crying," "sobbing," "weepy," or "contrived."
  • Take a drink for every "magical negro" reference to Obama.
  • Take one drink anytime someone calls Clinton "shrill" or "screechy."
  • Chug one whenever you hear of, see, or read Maureen Dowd. Always.
  • Two drinks anytime anyone expresses the sentiment that Edwards is at a disadvantage because he isn't black or female.
  • Take a shot when a pundit refers to Clinton as (or implies she is) a nagging bitch or cackling witch.
  • Drink for any lamenting that white-dude voters are being ignored.
  • Take a healthy gulp every time someone describes Obama as "clean" or "articulate."
  • Take two shots whenever someone implies that women only vote with their vaginas.
  • Warning: Do not watch Chris Matthews under any circumstances--doing so could induce alcohol poisoning.

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