Saturday, January 05, 2008

"Women Make Great Propaganda"...

Mohammad Hafiz told the AP (via the Huffington Post). It's not what you think. He's a professor at the University of Missouri, who specializes in Muslim extremism.

I've been reading articles on this subject, but this one is wrapped in a pretty bow.

The article is about the recent prevalence of female al-Qaida suicide bombers (2% since May 2005).

That's the thing about extremists. They get obsessed with one thing and forget all the pomp and circumstance. al-Qaida doesn't care that women shouldn't be involved in war according to Muslim taboos. They care that women can get through security checkpoints easily because male security guards are too conservative to give them a good pat-down.

I disagree with any type of extremism. I've always tried to see everyone's point of view, but I can't see how you get to whatever heaven or glory you're looking for by killing people.

Okay, off of my soapbox for tonight.

The article mentions that al-Qaida's use of women as suicide bombers could be an act of desperation. I don't have any primary knowledge or anything, but I don't think so. More women are getting angry or getting "spiritual," and, as Hafiz says, "women make great propaganda."

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