Saturday, January 05, 2008

Planned Parenthood...WHY?

I love Planned Parenthood I used to volunteer for them, I've thought about going to protests with them (too lazy - I know - LOSER!), and I get my yearly exams from them. But I gotta say: this is kind of a crappy commercial:

Sure, it's for MTV and VH1. Maybe that audience will find it funny. I just thought it was going to go somewhere good. "Planned Parenthood Airlines?" Condoms falling from the overhead compartment? And what's with the heart-shaped lollipop? And do we need to have a talk about gay stereotypes?

Just hire me, Planned Parenthood, we'll make some magic. Have you thought about animated condoms?

Damn. Of course. There's something already out there. Mine would be more interesting and more cartoon-y. Promise.

Put him on!

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