Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Yay Feministing

When I saw this article on Feministing, I thought it was gross, sure. But what do we expect from Wal Mart? Plus, there's a ton of ridiculously inappropriate clothes out there for girls. On the back, it apparently says "when you have Santa" so it's not exactly as disgusting as it seems. But the innuendo is there, no doubt about it.Well, I was wrong. Claiming "parents" had complained, FoxNews broke the story. Wal Mart pulled the underwear. Feministing has officially changed the shopping experiences of Juniors everywhere. And they called out the hypocrite that is Wal Mart.

Three cheers for online activism! You can read Feministing's victory cheer here.

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Andy Swan said...

Good blog!

The panties are funny, but so are a lot of things that shouldn't be front-and-center at your local wal-mart.