Monday, December 31, 2007

The Most Inspiring women of 2007?

Chicago Sun-Times for jumping into the traditional year-end wrap-up. And I'm all for a list of "The ten women who inspired us in 2007," but just like my last top ten link, this one is really depressing.

While there are some great picks:

  • Diablo Cody, feminist stripper-turned-screenwriter
  • Hillary Clinton
  • Jenny McCarthy, who came out about her son's autism
  • Danica McKellar, author of the best-seller math book for girls Math Doesn't Suck. While the title (haven't read the book) is a little quick to assume girls don't like/aren't good at math, the book encourages girls to do something they aren't normally encouraged to do.
There are some that are really offensive
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt is inspiring because she responded to attacks about her body with,"A Size 2 is not fat"? Sure, she talked a little about girls struggling with body image, but her mention of her specific size seems to negate the good stuff she says.
  • Caitlin Upton? The famously ignorant/dumb Miss South Carolina Teen USA? What the fuck?
  • Jennifer Hudson, because she won an Oscar despite her painful loss on American Idol.
I think depressing is the word.

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Adam Elend said...

Have to disagree - I think Love-Hewitt was inspiring, because she told the ppl who were dogging her thighs to shut the fuck up. Size two aside, no one really does that. And what's more, other female celebrities rallied around her. I think that's significant.

Jennifer Hudson, too. A woman who, some might say, was discriminated against on American Idol, rebounded to find success on her own terms. That's inspiring.