Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Resolution: Do him more

Link and picture via Pandagon:

This MSN article couldn't get more offensive. Without the details, here are the "5 Doable Resolutions" (natch) from MSN:
1. Cook more often
2. Revamp your wardrobes
3. Book a do-nothing vacation ("Go ahead and ignore the little voice that says you should travel to culturally rich foreign capitals.")
4. Stop having sex in your bed ("and start doing it in every other corner of your house.")
5. Support his guys' night out (I can't resist a full quote on this one):

Sure, it's hard not to resent the hours he spends away from you playing fantasy baseball or listening to Grateful Dead bootlegs with his buddies, not to mention the way he stumbles into bed afterward reeking. But if you consider that letting him have a guys' night without grief may be the single biggest thing you can do to win "coolest wife on the planet" credentials, it's really not such a big price to pay, is it? Tell him he should spend even more time having fun with his friends because he works so hard and it's so important for him to unwind. You're showing him that you truly care about his happiness (and accept that browsing the drawer pulls aisle at The Home Depot doesn't cut it). That's the sort of sentiment that will make your marriage stronger and make him eager to end those guys' nights at a sane hour to race home to your side.
So for New Year's, ladies, remember, it's up to you to make your husband as happy as possible. Don't worry about yourself, unless it's to take a vacation with your husband. Fuck him, worship him, and lie to him.


Andy Swan said...

Um, isn't it one of the points of a marriage to try to make each other as happy as possible?

Anonymous said...

I'm all for them having a "guys night out", but it has nothing to do with trying to "keep" him or wanting to be the "coolest" girlfriend. It has everything to do with having time for me and doing what I want to do without having him around to nag me as well!!! We each need to have our own time, away from each other. If the trust is there, then there are no worries, and it becomes about both of us, not one serving the other what they need.

Amanda said...

Right on, Amy. That's completely in line with what I'm thinking. Andy, the point is DEFINITELY to make each other happy. My issue with this article is that it encourages women to ignore what they want themselves. It also assumes women have no life separate from their husbands.