Friday, December 07, 2007

Surfing F-world

As a participant in Web Part Deux (web 2.0, for all you nerds out there, web with interaction, individualization, interconnectedness, and indifferentiation for those who don't know the lingo[I hate parentheses inside parentheses, but I had to note that one of my "in"s is completely made up])...

Okay, those parentheses were too long. Now you've forgotten what I said in the beginning.

Since my brother dragged me into the world of web dos (the Spanish way of saying it), I decided I should pull some of that into my blog.

Nope, I'm not cool enough to delve into anything more interactive than the little comment section below. But I HAVE been doing some surfing.

Is it still called surfing? I feel like there should be a more web the second way of saying it. Plugging? Hitting? Sticking? Clicking? Spotting?

Oh wait. That last one's already something. Interestingly enough, spotting is both a sign of hope and a sign of despair. Hmmmm...maybe that's just right.

Sorry, back from my tangent.

Anyway, I decided to explore the world of feminist blogs. I use Netvibes
as my RSS reader (how web: the next generation am I?), and I need a "women" tab.

No, I won't be getting laid there, or looking at porn, I'll be reading about women (health, news, language, society, you know). And I'm going to add the links to the left over there. If I stop reading one, I'll quietly take them off.

I'm sure these links will show up in my posts from now on. And ladies, if you're reading, feel free to put The Peeled Apple on your blogroll.

Finally, my background music for my search has been this excellent new-to-me band: Straylight Run. I'm listening to they're latest CD, The Needles The Space

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aszwet1 said...

if you like to read blogs... here's a pretty interesting way of doing it...

watch this video (no it isn't anything bad, promise. (not that that means much coming from a complete stranger (here go to the top page first talk about parentheses ;))):

the go and actually use the thing he's talking about (that's how i found your site...)

"i feel there should be more web the second way of using it"

anyways... good post. great music. if you haven't already, check out feist, tegan and sara, camera obscura.....