Monday, December 24, 2007

Missing the mark

Well, at least it sounds good. Smallville's Allison Mack and Kristen Kreuk, and Battlestar Galactica's Nicki Klein and Sarah Edmundson have teamed up to form a website for college girls.

The ladies have started a survey website to see what girls this age are thinking. Here's a sample from TV Squad article.

* You're finished classes for the day and as you're walking home, you hear the resonant sounds of a bumpin' party. How much would you cough up to see what all the fuss was about?
* How invested are you (emotionally, financially, academically) in the following issues: global warming, abortion rights, etc.?
* You're in a mad rush waiting for your coffee. You finally grab your order and take a sip. D'oh! It's not yours, it's someone else's and... wait a minute... it's amazing! Far tastier, richer, smoother, more expensive than your boring old latte. No one's looking, what do you do?
* What do you hope to get out of college? (One of the answers you can select is "My parents' approval, maybe finally I'll be good enough!")
* Would you swallow a glass of your own vomit for $100?... Now be honest... What about one million dollars?

And just like that, the website is ruined by a bunch of stupid, annoying, presumptuous questions. What the hell is going to be on the site? I don't have to wait for the launch. 50% gossip, 30% my life sucks (aka ask Allison), 20% guys suck. I hope I'm wrong.

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