Monday, February 11, 2008

Super Delegates Have Crappy Lives

Via ABC News:

Jason Rae is 21-years old. He's a junior in college. And he's a super delegate.

Yeah, that means he gets to vote for whoever the hell he wants, but it also means he has strangers calling him. Sure, their last names are Kerry and Clinton, but they're still strangers. And they're calling to influence his vote.

I would hate every second of the conversations described in this article. Someone calls me who's clearly trying to manipulate me, I hang up.

But there's another angle to this story. It starts with the fact that Rae had breakfast will Chelsea Clinton this morning. It's not clear if Bill Clinton set up the meeting, but he did call Rae on January 25th. THIS is what Shuster was referring to. He was saying Bill and Hillary Clinton are using Chelsea. Sure, Shuster chose an apparently inflammatory phrase, but it's a valid opinion. I don't happen to agree. I think she's doing it because she wants to (okay, maybe they're pushing her a little bit).

But again, it's a valid opinion. I feel like Shuster's suspension is misplaced anger at Chris Matthews. He's the one who should get the boot if anyone should.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with your assessments so far. Matthews is a schmuck; Shuster was trying to find a way to say what he meant - searching for the words because he's trying to fill a 24-hour news cycle with 10 minutes of news; Chelsea - whether she wants to or not - is giving "time-spent-with-Chelsea" in exchange for super delegate votes. People may not like the simile (he did say "like"), but it's apropos.

Oh, and "he can vote for WHOMever he chooses.