Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy V-Day...Literally!

Via The Raw Story.

In honor of Valentine's Day, The Today Show let Jane Fonda say "cunt."

Okay, not really. But the censors missed it on the East Coast feed. Oh! The horror! We're all going to die!

Raw Story has some nice quotes from conservablogs:

Besides her left wing activism, famous North Vietnamese propagandist Jane Fonda spouts foul language on morning network television, when some children almost certainly saw it.

Michelle Malkin:
The woman has no class. You already knew that. But here’s more confirmation. Another reason not to let your children watch TV in the morning.

Here's the earth-shattering clip:

Hmmm..."the secrets to making your love last." Nice segue.

Anyway, thanks for the Valentine's gift. Love hearing women's genitalia on television. And no, I don't care about these so-called "children."

1. If they're watching The Today Show, they're losers.
2. If this word ruins their lives, they need new ones.

It's a word. It doesn't mean anything.

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Soloman said...

i hope you're not a parent and never are allowed to be responsible for children.