Saturday, February 09, 2008

NOW Freaks Out Again

I know NOW isn't the only organization going crazy over David Shuster's 'pimp' comment, but NOW's press release is the first one I've read.

NBC News President Steve Capus announced this afternoon that MSNBC's David Shuster would be suspended from appearing on all NBC broadcasts because of his "irresponsible and inappropriate" remarks -- I would call them disgusting and sexist -- suggesting it was "unseemly" that 27-year-old Chelsea Clinton is campaigning for her mother, and then characterizing it as "being pimped out."

After Shuster's damaging remarks on-air, the National Organization for Women and others called on Capus to take action. After all, NBC has had a track record of employing sexist on-air personalities and for taking its time to deal with their behavior.
The article then mentions Don Imus (natch) and Chris Matthews.

I wouldn't even think of characterizing Shuster's comments as sexist. Here's what actually happened:

Oh yeah, he took a real stand there. He was talking about the fact that she's out there, clearly campaigning for her mother, but she is untouchable by the press. There's a double-standard there. Sure, it's not a great metaphor, but he was clearly grasping for the right words.

Comparing this dude to Chris Matthews and Don Imus is ridiculous. But I do think, like some of Imus' and Matthews' comments, it slipped out because Shuster was trying to fill time. 24-hour news sucks.


Anonymous said...

I didn't think I would be saying this to you, but I agree 100% with you about Shuster. What NBC has done to him is totally wrong. All of these news agencies and groups like NOW and others, are all about free speech until someone says something that they don't like, what hypocrites. Were I do disagree with you though is with Imus and Matthews. Grant it that what they said was not nice, but all of the calls to fire them and so on are such crap. Why not let the market make the decision? If people listening or watching these shows found these comments wrong or offensive then show your displeasure by not tuning in.

To be specific about Imus for a minute, this is nothing new for him. The man as been on the air for around thirty years saying and pulling the same crap, why all of a sudden is this instance an issue? Is it because someone got offended? Well gee I'm sorry, suck it up this is what the man thinks wether it be right or wrong.

This all leaves me with three questions. One, were the hell is the ACLU defending these mens free speech rights, they seem to defend things like non-us citizens that are prisoners at Gitmo, what about these US Citizens right to free speech? And two, when did Americans become such touchy, we must be so politicly correct as to not offend anyone, type people. Such political correctness is ruining the fabric of our American heritage, we were a country founded in the ideal of freedom weren't we? And finally third, lets look at another cluster f***, Michael Richards. We all know about his use of the "N" word. He says it seven times and people are laughing at the comment and then all of a sudden on the eighth time people decide "well seven times was ok, but eight is just to much. That word is so derogatory and offensive." This almost makes me want to duck tape my head so it doesn't explode! I say this for two reasons, one, why is it ok for black people to say this word about one-another, and two, why if this word is so offensive did it take people EIGHT TIMES to finally say "well that is just wrong!"

People is this country need to stop being such whining little twits that become so highly offended when someone says something that they don't like. Suck it up, you are an American! People over the ages have fought and given their lives for any of us to have and exercise our rights as a free people don't disgrace them with all of this crap!

Luke Hensley

Amanda said...

Thanks for calling me out. In previous posts I made the freedom of speech argument about both those dudes (Imus and Matthews). I guess I was just saying...if you're going to go after ANYONE, it should be Matthews. I think the anger is misplaced.

I completely agree with you about Imus. He's a shock jock. Saying stupid shit is what he does.

As far as the Michael Richards thing, he did a stupid thing. I didn't know it was 8 times. You have a point about that (the fact that it took 8 TIMES for people to get pissed off).

I don't think anyone should be saying the n word. I hate giving words power, but we did it to ourselves. We should deal with the consequences. I think it's all about the meaning behind the word. You can call me a cunt, as long as you don't really mean it.

I just don't think white people can really say the n word without sounding like we mean it. Which is why I don't say it.

Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks for yours!