Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free Sarah Palin

Campbell Brown goes off on the McCain campaign. I'm assuming the sexism talk is tongue in cheek.


Andy Swan said...

What the MSM hacks are complaining about is the recognition by the McCain campaign that the MSM is NOT NECESSARY anymore.

Sarah Palin is doing exactly what she should be doing...focusing on spreading her message via campaign events with record crowds and introducing herself to the people that she will be meeting with more and more often in 2009 and beyond.

Deftly, she is also avoiding the land-mine laden field that is the MSM. Fully and enthusiastically on the side of Obama, they are now FINALLY being treated as the enemies that they are by the McCain campaign.

The MSM is weak and desperate. McCain is in this to win, and he will do it despite their opposition. And it kills them.

Loving it.

Anonymous said...

Oh pul-leeze. I love how the Repubs bitch about the "MSM". Yeah real tough the "MSM" has been on McCain, not bothering to bring up the Keating Five, or not giving Palin's batshit crazy minister (who makes Rev Wright look like Billy Graham). The reason Palin is avoiding the "MSM", "MSN" or whatever is because she's an idiot. Because she's an idiot the McCain campaign wants to limit her to things she does well like wave to big crowds who come to see her like the novelty she is; a reasonably attractive woman who is also a politician. What's that? She's not an idiot? Look at what little interviews she's done so far, the Gibson and Couric interviews. Her nonsensical answer on how Putin rears his head then flies to airspace in Alaska and we have to "send things" is already garnering comparisons to Miss Teen South Carolina. If anything the main stream media has been to reluctant to call a spade a spade because McCain constantly uses (abuses) the sexism card. I mean if Palin was a man she would've been laughed out of the McCain ticket a month ago.