Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Daily Show Rocks My World


Andy Swan said...

Classic stuff. It's right up there with footage of running-mates saying that the Presidential nominee is not even close to qualified.

Stewart is close to played out though....well, unless McCain wins. He's sort of like the Democrats in general: Completely unprepared for anything other than the role of antagonist/victim/underdog

MICHAEL said...

I loved "Senior Female and Women's Issues Correspondent" Samantha Bee the other day. She has a wonderful "Lady Brain."

Amanda said...

Wow, Andy, way to read the talking points. They all said the same thing in 2004. Stewart makes fun of incompetence across the aisle. He doesn't rely on party lines. Yes, he skews left, but he found plenty to talk about during the Clinton administration. And he gained his massive popularity in the 2000 election.

Have you ever watched the show? He can make fun of the best of them.

Andy Swan said...

I've watched the show...I thought it was a lot funnier back in 2004.

I don't really read talking points but I do wonder if they really exist? I would feel a little...lame if someone was sending me talking points. Especially if I actually used them to determine what I was going to say. LOL