Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sarah Palin and the media

Great suggestion, Andy. As you can imagine, I have a lot to say about the media.

While Jon Stewart did a great segment on the pundit turn-around for Palin, he didn't address the sexist coverage of Palin.

I just read an article in Bitch Magazine about the sexist analysis of women's voices. This one was centered on Hillary's coverage. And yes, some of the media definitely hit sexist territory during that race. And some of it revolved around her "naggy" voice. But I don't see the vocal mentions as sexist in and of themselves. Obviously I don't, because I mentioned Palin's shaky, accented voice myself.

We evaluate all of our politicians, celebrities, friends on many levels. It doesn't matter if they're a man or a woman, an especially high-pitched voice, a comical laugh, a snort - we notice these things and we comment on them. John McCain's voice is whiny as well. He sounds a bit like Kermit. Am I being sexist?

People have said that Obama is hot. When they say that about Palin, that's not sexist, it's just another method we have of evaluating people. It's unfortunate, but it comes down on both sides.

I can't disagree more with the people who think Palin isn't fit to serve because of her 5 kids. While there are sexist undertones to that point, John Edwards went through the same thing when his wife was ill with cancer and there were 2 little kids in the picture. Of course, it's definitely troubling that his wife had to have a terminal illness before the man was questioned. The sad thing is that I've heard mostly women make the priority argument. My mother even said she seemed like "an opportunist" and that she was "too ambitious." What politician isn't ambitious? What politician doesn't have an ego? If they think they can hold the highest (or second-highest) office in the country, they BETTER have an ego.

As far as the Bristol Palin coverage goes, I feel terribly sorry for the young, pregnant woman. I wonder if she was consulted at all before Palin accepted. They had to know it would get out. It's unfortunate that politicians' families get dragged into the public eye when their mother/husband/wife/father campaign. But the politicians open the floor when they make speeches and talk about their families accomplishments. Democrats and Republicans are free to use their families however they see fit, but the media is not allowed to respond? I don't think either side should bring the families in to it.

Palin's inexperience is getting the same amount of discussion as Obama's. It's just coming from the other side of the aisle.

She did exactly what she had to do at the RNC, but I don't think it changed anyone's mind (for or against). She's playing the folksy card, and she's playing it well. We'll just have to see how many Christian Conservatives are left in the world. If they still outnumber other voters, McCain/Palin will win.

Okay, that just makes me want to cry.

As Gloria Steinem said, "Feminism has never been about getting a job for one woman. It's about making life more fair for women everywhere."


JekPopulous said...

You know...I really couldn't disagree with her any more on the issues, but Palins's nagging voice is just one more reason I don't like her. Truth is, there are plenty of republicans that I disagree with but like as people. Palin is just not one of them. I also agree that her having five children doesn't make her unqualified to be commander and chief, but if factors in and I do not believe saying so is sexist given the complexity of her personal life. I was afraid watching her speak at the RNC, not because I think she can tilt this election in McCain's favor, but because people were actually exited. Are they even listening? Then, as the camera panned across the audience what did I see? Thousands of rich old white woman and guys in cowboy hats chanting "drill baby drill". Really? i understand that Palin was brought onto the ticket to draw the HRC vote along with social conservatives, but i think she is losing independent swing voters. Between her lack of knowledge regarding foreign affairs and faith based positions on social issues, I think that there is plenty to be afraid of. so...the media is killing her. She was not properly vetted by the McCain camp and people have very mixed reactions to initial impressions.

Andy Swan said...

Cool post.

Sarah Palin is bringing in donations and independent women by the truckload. The Dems nominated a wimp who has never done anything of significance, and they are currently blowing a HUGE head-start. Massive head start. The kind of head start where if you blow it, you really should concede that you just aren't a relevant political operation anymore.

But that's just it. Democrats don't like winners. They don't like winning. They like whining, complaining and bitching about how things should be fair.

McCain and Palin are winners and absolutely LOVE to fight.

I can't believe the Dems were stupid enough to throw the first punch at Palin and make everyone pay attention to the one person in this race that can possibly resonate more with undecideds than Obama.