Friday, October 03, 2008

Gawker thinks Palin had a little help

Ugh. Just came across this article over on Gawker.

It asks the deep question: "Where is Sarah Palin in her cycle right now?"

I'll wait for that to sink in.

I know Gawker doesn't pretend to be the highest-brow website, but holy shit. They're actually suggesting that men were more charmed by a woman ON TV because she's ovulating.

Yes, there have been studies (Gawker uses a stripper study, natch) that show fertile women attract men more than those at a different stage in their cycle. But through a television?

Bringing up Palin's period is just a cute way of undermining her as a potential leader. And yes, those last two words make me gag, but not because she's a's because I'm smarter than she is.

And I'm not that smart.

But tying her charm to her fertility? That's just low...even if it's a joke. A woman's cycle is simply no one else's business. This ridiculous speculation is just a nice reminder of the many stupid reasons people have given in the past for denying a woman a position of power. Namely, PMS.

Palin did exactly what she needed to do last night. I didn't buy any of her bullshit, but a lot of people did. She can spin, volley, dodge like a pro. She's got great memorization skills. And yes...she's fucking charming. She defied everyone's expectations last night and it had absolutely nothing to do with her eggs.


dav!d said...

Dear Apple...

I fear you may have come unpeeled. First off, "natch" isn't a word. It isn't an abbreviation for a word. It isn't even an effective shortening of a word. It's a slow ride into illiteracy in the form of slang. Blerg.

Second, Ms. Palin is only charming in the same way a deer is charming in the headlights - it might look cute at first, but really if it's just going to stand there and look at you without answering any questions put to it, the best thing you can do is hit it and move it to the side of the road.

Third, Maybe this was Gawker's only real way to validate this alleged "charm." Maybe she needs to be undermined. Maybe they had to be funny about it because the prospect of living under the rule of this woman is too terrifying and potentially real to be addressed as something serious.

As far as defying expectations last night, well that's sort of like getting the gold at the Special Olympics. Yes, technically it's gold, but at the end of the day, you're still a retard. The bar has been set so low for her that all she need do now is bend and pick it up.

And ultimately, why is mocking her ovulation any different than mocking John McCain's age? Or Biden's stupid last name? Why are lady parts off limits?


Amanda said...

I'm comfortable using slang. Not sure why it's a problem for you...blerg.

Palin has charm the way Bush had charm. In fact, I think she went to the same charm school he did. She's using the same methods, and people are buying it yet again.

Gawker doesn't need to validate her charm. It's easily explained (see above).

I've never heard anyone mocking Biden's last name, but mocking Palin's ovulation is completely different than mocking McCain's age. His age is matters. Ovulation doesn't. It's as important as McCain's saggy ass. Speculation...ridiculous speculation doesn't do anyone any good. And the fact that it played into stereotypes made it even worse.

It's the same as Gawker saying Obama probably has a large penis...because he's black...and that's why everyone loves him.

Andy Swan said...

Further proof that PDS is sooooo real.

Oh..and by the way...the only people who had low expectations of Governor Palin are those that rely on the filter of the MSM and PoHuff for their information.

Palin kicks ass and understands the core concept of reality: Government is NOT a solution to the problems of individuals.

Anonymous said...

This is awfully nitpicky, I think you do a disservice to your credibility if this is the kind of thing you focus on. I mean it's not the NY Times, it's stupid Gawker and it was obviously tongue-in-cheek. I mean if this seriously bothers you I can't even imagine how you make it through the day. I understand you're a feminist and all but sometimes you have to pick and choose your spots. Save the outrage for something that deserves it.

Anonymous said...

behold the power of the egg. All foreign dictators will bow to Palin's ovaries!

btw: why are all writers in the media die-hard liberals? Do you know any conservative media writers?

Anonymous said...

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