Saturday, August 30, 2008

What's wrong with McCain's Palin choice

1. It undercuts his "no experience" argument against Obama.

2. Liberal and conservative mothers (ex. my mother) will have a problem with a woman with 5 kids (including a 5 month old baby with Down Syndrome who she's still nursing) heading into 2nd-in-line situation with a 72-year-old man. In other words, soccer moms aren't quite sure about this "hockey mom."

3. Sure, he gets evangelicals on board, but people who (for some reason) thought McCain was winking when he said he'd be "a pro-life president" are not so sure it's a joke anymore. He's losing the center.

4. As Kim Gandy said, "Not every woman supports women's rights." Palin belongs to Feminists for Life, an organization that believes "women deserve better than abortion." She believes abortions should be illegal, even for rape and incest victims. She also tried to hire a guy who had been reprimanded for sexual harassment. McCain's choice is offensive to many feminists and Hillary supporters who were actually thinking of giving their vote to McCain (as NUTS as that is).

5. Completely surface and cosmetic: her voice is grating. If she keeps speaking like that, she's going to lose her voice fast. I know it's silly, but that stuff gets to me, whether it's a man OR a woman speaking.

Yes, it's great that there's a woman on one of the tickets, it's just the completely WRONG woman. She just rounds out the McCain ticket and makes the choice easier for centrists everywhere.

Sure, McCain stole Obama's news cycle yesterday, but that's because the media was picking Palin apart. Biden has plenty to pick at, but it's already been done. This woman hasn't been vetted on a national scale yet...and the media only has 2 months to do it. In my opinion? This thing is going to crash and burn.


andy swan said...

Feminists only celebrate the successes of women who agree with them politically. Shocked.

So, which is it....are Obama and palin both qualified or are they both unqualified?

Amanda said...

Andy Swan only listens to what he wants to hear. Shocked.

"Yes, it's great that there's a woman on one of the tickets."

It is great. But what's not great is that there's a woman who actually hurts other women. Do we all look the same to you?

And I would submit that no one is "ready to lead" or "experienced enough" to be president until they actually are. I never said I thought either was unqualified, I just said that a 2-term governor undercuts the Rep's spin that Obama is.

andy swan said...

how does she hurt women (I assume you're only talking about the ones already born here...)?

Seems to me that many women find her "PTA to white house" story inspiring. And to think, she accomplished it all without riding the coat-tails of a man or killing off burdensome offspring.

Now ask yourself....would you have brought up the time-crunch of 5 kids if it were a man in the same situation?

Oh....and no,not all women look the same to me. This one actually looks like one of the few women on TV that I will actually be proud to tell her story to my daughter.

Amanda said...

I'm glad you finally have a woman that you can tell your daughter about, but this one seems a strange one to be proud of.

She hurts other women, because she thinks a rape or incest victim should have to go through 9 months of pregnancy and have a child that is a product of the worst thing that ever happened in her life.

And I'm not sure where she stands on Equal Pay (probably because that issue doesn't get much play in Alaska), but McCain's certainly against it.

As far as her 5 children, again, you don't seem to have really read what I wrote. I was talking about soccer moms. They're the ones that care about her 'priorities'. I certainly couldn't care less.

And I don't understand why we're CONGRATULATING someone who's pro-life for not aborting her Down Syndrome child. What, she thinks life matters, but if it's a special needs kid she has to consider abortion? This should be expected of her. I think it's ridiculous that Palin's getting kudos for not "killing her baby," as you guys like to call it. If that's what she believes it is, why would abortion even be an option for her?

I'm glad she's inspiring, and I hope many little girls grow up to join the NRA, win beauty pageants, have kids, and go into office like Palin. I just hope they believe in women when they do.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the voice. In her first appearance with McCain, her screech made her sound like a ditsy cheerleader.

I noticed in their next appearance she had modulated her voice some.

Andy Swan said...

Amanda....I'd love your take on the media treatment of Sarah Palin and her daughter.

Would this have occured if the candidate were a man?

Would the "will she have time" questions have come about if she were a man?

Is her "inexperience" being called into question MORE than Obama's was one year ago when he started running?


James said...

Good points, Amanda. The exchange between you and Andy is stimulating too. Too often, I think people have a tendency to only engage with those with whom they agree.

I wonder about the limits of our national attention span. Once all of the current story lines play out, will people remember these arguments? I hope so. By the way, the Daily Show has had some wonderful coverage of both conventions. Samantha Bee's commentary on Palin last Friday night was inspired.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amanda!

Andy Swan said...

Palin was amazing. The media treatment of her is STARTING to backlash.

Always gets fun when the limp-wristed wienies throw the first punch.