Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Well, I have a moment, so why not...

Fox and CBS have refused to air this Trojan ad:

As this New York Times article points out, both networks are perfectly willing to air Trojan commercials focused on preventing STDs. In fact, in a letter to Trojan, Fox admitted that they would not air the ad because it focused on pregnancy prevention.

Yes, let's just ignore the very real problem of unwanted pregnancy. Scaring people with the promise of disease should do the trick. Maybe they'll prevent pregnancy and they won't even know it!

CBS would only say they did not find it appropriate for their audiences (audiences, as points out, that watch The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show).

This ad doesn't smell completely rosy. As Broadsheet points out, the depiction of all men as pigs is a little suspect. Though the argument could be made that all men on the prowl without a condom are swine. But the point that really gets me is the assumption that only men should have a condom conscience. Women should carry them, men should carry them, and, yes, pigs should carry them.

It's good to vent. Thanks.

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