Saturday, May 05, 2007

Veto Man!

He uses his powers for evil, but he believes he is doing good. Is there anything more dangerous??? Find out, next week!

Bush warned Congress he would veto the Iraq spending bill and he did, no shocker there. But now he has a taste for it. He's veto-thirsty. Thursday, he let Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid know that he would veto ... well, basically anything that ensured women's rights to control their own bodies.

Bush wrote a two-page letter to the speaker and majority leader, threatening a veto against anything that (I'm not making this up) "allow[ed] taxpayer dollars to be used for the destruction of human life.” (my emphasis)
I think I'm just gonna let that sit there. Okay, I can't resist a little list of Bush's life destruction. Guantanamo prisoners, the Iraqis, illegal immigrants, Abu Ghraib prisoners (and other not-so-public camps that I'm sure exist), Joe Wilson and his wife, abstinence-educated children, creationism-educated children, UNeducated children, and, hey, what about those unwanted children and resentful women pushed into motherhood? They'll be flooding the streets if Bush has anything to do with it.

Can Veto Man get away with his hypocrisy? Will he keep telling women they can't make educated decisions by themselves regarding their own bodies? Will his evil spread to other countries when he vetoes a pending bill that would end a ban on DISCUSSING abortion at family planning clinics in developing nations? Keep your eyes on the skies. Wherever women are in need, Veto Man will be nearby to keep them that way.

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