Friday, April 06, 2007

Feminists Make Rape Inevitable

Everyone knows that! Well, maybe not everyone. But Orlando Sentinel's Kathleen Parker sure does. In her article, The Fog of Rape, Parker dances around the word rape and blurs the lines between sexual harassment and "harmless sport."

Her piece searches out (in five paragraphs) the answer to why there is so much sexual aggression (the word "rape" disappears in the middle of the article). Is it horny misogynists who believe they're dominant and entitled? Well, yeah. That's pretty much what Parker says. Just not in so many words. In her world, the REASON men rape...oops...sorry..."target women" is because of the Pentagon.
Yes, the Pentagon "and others who have capitulated to feminist pressures to insert women into combat." These poor men are forced to treat women as equals when they KNOW they're not (seriously, it's in the article). "The lie breeds contempt, which leads to a simmering rage that sometimes finds expression in aggression toward those deemed responsible."

Parker's solution? Segregate! We all know how well that's worked in the past! AND, "as a bonus, segregation also would reduce the plague of divorces caused by men and women fraternizing away from spouses." Whew! Good thing we can solve that problem too. Things are so much easier when we don't have to test our will-power.

For more snarky commentary, read Broadsheet's response to this sad article.

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