Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another Foray in to Form: Accentual Alliterative Verse

Free Will

The dark, disturbing
____________________day descends.
She tears a bag of Tostitos,
____________________tempting herself.
She is her own snake,
____________________full of salty secrets.
She will devour each triangle,
____________________destroying her diet.
The plump, purple
____________________grapes sit proudly
in their basket, their backs
____________________turned on this barbaric
display. She drops
____________________the bag, defeating
her foe, facing
____________________her fat figure.
She picks up the produce
____________________and pops each grape,
one by one,
____________________into her watering mouth.
The bushel disappears.
____________________She burps and walks back
to the Tostitos, taking
____________________her time, thinking
of the crispy crunch,
____________________condemning the chips
and herself on this day,
____________________so sad and satisfying.

Author's Note: I have no clue about HTML. The only way I could get the form I want was to put the underscore (____) on there to push the line over. Any tips would be welcome!

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