Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sexist Ad of the Day: Ikea

"Every woman needs her space."

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Andy Swan said...

Wow offensive. Like women would ever want a big closet where they can try on all their clothes and jewelry.

Same commercial, with guys fed up with tight spaces of urban life...ends up on comfy couch in front of a big screen.

It works...except they aren't "victims".

zyzz said...


Do you honestly think that full-grown men would be referred to as "boys" in that version of the commercial? And why only target closets, couches, and TVs towards one gender when both genders use all those pieces of furniture. Consider the items we're talking about here; it says a lot about what society expects men and women to do with their free time. Couches and TVs are purely for kicking back and relaxing. Closets are for holding and organizing all the clothing and jewelry women are expected to have, because our spare time is to be spent primping so we look good for others.

Andy Swan said...


I'll check with my boys next time they come over to hang out and watch the game. We'll discuss how our wives would react to a downgraded closet.