Sunday, April 06, 2008

MobLogic Gets a Feminist Bump

I don't speak for anyone at MobLogic when I say this, but this week there were some great feminist-y shows. I always enjoy sinking my teeth into a MobLogic blog, but I was especially psyched to write about the fact that porn is legal but prostitution is not and a study that confirms the g-spot's existence, just not for every woman. I should say that I have nothing to do with picking the shows.

Here are the shows. I love my job!


Andy Swan said...

Great shows this week I thought. I guess I'm a feminist in that I believe absolutely that women should be treated with equal rights and, I don't usually wear a bra. :)

Amanda said...

All you need is the belief in equal rights and opportunities. Most of us wear bras now (it actually kind of hurts when you don't wear one).

I now pronounce you a feminist!