Tuesday, September 18, 2007

BCOO: The Fall, Camus

The confession of an existentialist. That's what this book is. A monologue that takes place in a bar and the surrounding areas.

His fall= The Fall = Garden of Eden fall.

I enjoyed it. I find Camus' outlook pretty bleak. Existentialism makes life pointless and leaves people who believe in it free and captive at the same time. Free to make noise and watch it's effect on the world, but unable to mean anything by it. Unable to care.

Anyway, on to freaky, Portland pastures. Next up, a close look at freaks and the people they love, Geek Love, by Katherine Dun. It's a book Chuck Palahniuk talks about all the time. Definitely has the same eyes wide open feel: the main character is a female albino dwarf with a hump.

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