Friday, July 06, 2007

Update on Gasparilla Girl

First she was raped, then she was jailed, then she was denied Plan B. Now? The police may be accusing her of making up the rape.

In an article ridiculously titled to add insult to injury, "Alleged Gasparilla rape victim speaks out," Bay News 9 reports that "Betsy" is speaking out. The police deny their denial of the rape, but Betsy says she's been accused of trying to make some guys feel bad.
They wouldn't walk her to her car.


Here's the article.

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Matt said...

The vic is going by 'Becky' not 'Betsy'. Saw this report on both Bay News 9 and the ABC outlet here in Tampa. Most of us who live in the Bay Area are disgusted with how this young woman was treated. We're also not surprised that the local conservative police force and government -- despite a rather fine mayor (Pam Iorio) -- is still treating her like shit. Instead of praising her for cleaning up her act -- from the juvy offender with an outstanding warrant she claims is a clerical error, to the premed student at USF -- our local yahoos in charge go full tilt boogie with the right-wing macho crapola. Especially the women: the spokesperson for City Hall, the (fat, slouching) assistant city attorney, et al