Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I love Socialism

According to Broadsheet, "Still reacting to last year's models-dying-of-starvation tragedies, the Spanish health ministry is taking a step beyond just banning ultra-thin models from the catwalk: it's teamed up with four major Spanish retailers to create mannequins that look more like actual women, and plans to set standard sizing for women's clothing so that sizes don't fluctuate between stores. "

So how will they decide what the mannequins will look like? The article goes on: "the Health Ministry is using laser-equipped booths that can scan 130 body measurements in 30 seconds (apparently when the Spanish Health Ministry wants something done, it gets it done). The booths will be sent around the country to measure the curves of 8,500 women, ages 12 to 70, and their results will be passed on to designers who account for 80 percent of the clothing in the Spanish fashion industry, says the Herald. The study's results will be used to set sizing standards."

I know this isn't a magical fix-it for eating disorders, but it's definitely a big step. Women like myself hate size-guessing at different clothing stores. We hate seeing that cool outfit on the mannequin make us look bloated and awkward. It just makes sense. Let's take a page out of Spain's book! Please!!!

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