Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My first wallstrip script

The powers that be changed a couple things. Can you tell which lines? I think there's one that's pretty obviously not me.

I'm pretty happy with it, though. Lindsey is wonderful, it's hard to write bad stuff for her. I think I've gotten better though. My next show is Thursday, FMD, then one next week for AUXL.

Keep watching the show at wallstrip.com. It's really great.

I can finally get back to Jason's website, thanks to a temporary computer my mom cooked up for me. Big changes coming, thanks to a great new logo from Julie. Check for them at LTMProductions.com


Adam Elend said...

Great work, Amanda. And Thursday's show is coming along nicely.

Thanks for lending us your talents!

Howard Lindzon said...

Cool for us. Thanks

Dave Russell said...

There is a distinct possibility that I now may have a huge crush on Lindsay Campbell...

Hot like the FIRE!

Smart like the...REALLY SMART PERSON!