Tuesday, September 19, 2006

An Army of One...Straight...Man

The Daily Show presents me with: things that make you go...hmmm...

It was a quite absurd interview from Jason Jones that did it this time. Jones interviewed a former military officer who was serving as an Arabic translator. The 'former' is present because he was kicked out for being gay. Openly gay, that is. He told. And we are suffering.

Although I have no actual statistics to back myself up, there seems to be a severe shortage of Arabic translators at a time when they are desperately needed (I'm obviously not the only one who believes this - click on the comic strip to the left). As Jones said (I'm paraphrasing): we'd rather be attacked by terrorists than have gays in our military.

Jones also pointed out that the military has opened their ranks to "the old, delinquent, and severely retarded," but has neglected to revise their ridiculous 'don't ask, don't tell' policy.

For the other perspective, Jones interviewed Dr. Paul Cameron, chairman of the Family Research Institute. This man was obviously chosen for his tendency to make extremely ridiculous and inflammatory remarks. However, his reasoning for dismissing gays from the military makes as much sense to me as any other.

Why else would people have a problem with gays unless they thought, like Cameron, that gay men are constantly on the prowl, distracting other men, making other men uncomfortable, all the while neglecting to get any work done. People assume that their presence will affect the environment. Cameron mentioned rape and 'intromiss'ing. Who the hell is this guy?

My point, though, is that this is all actually a realistic version of what women in the military face every day. There are many stories of male-female rape in the military. Are there ANY stories of male-male rape? If there are, I'm sure the numbers are nowhere near equal. This is the same argument people used to keep women out of the military, only swapped. STRAIGHT men were the ones constantly on the prowl, unable to control themselves. But it was women who were forced to suffer for it. If the argument stayed the same - we should keep gay men out because they harm and distract the straight-ies - then we should have no straight men in the military either.

An army of women. Interesting. But now that we only have women in the military, let's get some homosexuals in there! No one would want anything to do with the other sexually, and they can all set their minds to war and nothing but war. Mindless machines. That's what we're after, right?

I know. Now I'm getting inflammatory. I won't impose my ideas about the military without getting there through rational argument. That's for another day. Anyway, just some ideas. I'm going to go finish watching The Daily Show.

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Advanced Image/Lee Wayne said...

I caught that show yesterday and thought that they did an excellent job, as they do most of the time, by using the absurd to show the absolute absurd of the extreme right. I didn’t take it as far as you did, but you make a perfect point about the Woman’s issue.

As I look back at my time in the Fire Dept, OK over 25 years ago, where they were first looking at Female Firefighters. I look back and the argument is somewhat the same (and as STUPID), men and woman bunking together would only lead to…. Copulation! (Its interesting that many thought a good compromise was, I laugh, that the only women who would really want to be Firefighters were Lesbians).

Another was that men would be over protective and would put themselves at risk, because woman weren’t strong enough to really do the same job (this has been disproved on so many levels). I look back at many times that I put myself at risk to help a brother Firefighter because they had gotten themselves in trouble or visa versa. Using that logic I didn’t have to help them because they are a man and strong. (I think this would be were I give a Tim Allen grunt.)

I could go on with the many excuses that they made but this is not about them. If we really do learn anything from our history, is how far wrong we have been proven in so many areas. But you have to be open enough to yourself to understand that we have so much to really learn and to look at the similarities in situations we’ve been over before.

You’re very thought provoking, keep it up.