Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Is it Getting a Little McCarthy in Here?

I'm sure someone has already noticed this. Today, I came across another parallel between our "war on terrorism" and McCarthy's war on "Communism." I put communism in quotes because he waged his war on any person who disagreed with him under the pretext of "making America safe." (Sound familiar?)

Illegal NSA Wire Tapping, Profiling Arabs, Arresting people for attending training sessions (whatever happened to the idea that you can't arrest someone for their intent unless they acted?), this is all sounding a little too familiar. And this time, our PRESIDENT is orchestrating, or at least agreeing to it ("The Decider").

In other news, the senate voted today Bush requested for the war to increased security on the borders. Where the hell are our priorities?

And still more depressing news: the Florida Supreme Court is debating whether the methods used for the death penalty constitute cruel and unusual punishment. Their solution if it does? Find a better method. No question of the barbarism of the concept of the death penalty.

That's all for now.

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